How to play

Gameplay is different every time. This is an open-world adventure. Your playstyle is your own. Do as you will.


  • Remember that the score is kept only by your own health -- the customer's health is not your job.

  • There's no finish line, and there's no timer. Stay aware, and choose when to stop.

  • If your memory is flaky (mine is -Isaac), keep notes as you go. Save often.

  • Don't bog the customer down with the fine details of your gameplay; they won't be relevant, because the customer's in-game character is their business. Remember: your in-game character is our product.

  • Avoid gameplay paths that involve creating secrets. (Err public.)

  • Avoid gameplay paths that depend uniquely on you. Try not to require yourself to remember to do something later. Be over-the-top generous and kind and accommodating with your future self as possible; when you arrive at that future, your health will thank you, and everyone will benefit as a result.

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