The customer's health is not your job

This section may sound harsh. Read the whole thing.

1: A person can only be sustainably responsible for what they can practically know and understand. (It'd be nonsensically cruel to hold someone responsible for anything else.)

2: A person can only know and understand the things that they can hold, that they're close enough to feel in detail. (Health can only be defined and addressed by the agent experiencing it.)

3: We are not our customers.

2: We're not close enough to the customer to genuinely feel their health. We can get a taste of it, the general vibe of it, but we're not in it with them. We can't define and address their health.

1: We cannot be sustainably responsible for the customer's health.

This is neither invitation nor license to not care.

The crowning health priority is about the relationship between Lightward and the world - and the world includes our customers. If a customer is in trouble with our products, we are absolutely on the hook to assess and respond. A healthy relationship between Lightward and its customers is one in which we are actively holding and feeling (in detail!) that relationship.

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