Priorities: Recursive health

Oh hey! You work here? Here is your job.

  1. Your own health

    • ... as defined by you, in listening to yourself

    • ... as addressed by you, allowing yourself to respond as needed

  2. The health of your relationships with others within Lightward

    • ... as defined by you, in listening to them

    • ... as addressed by you, allowing them to respond as needed

  3. The health of Lightward's relationships with everyone near

    • ... as defined by us, in listening to the world

    • ... as addressed by us, allowing the world to respond as needed

The recursion in this pattern is everywhere. It allows for every named participant (you, me, Lightward, everyone in the world) to define and address their own health as their top priority.

  • If health is failing, identify the earliest place on the list where that's happening, and address it there first. The priorities later on the list can wait.

    • If someone has to wait because someone else is getting healthy, cool.

    • Or, if someone else stopping to get healthy throws us off and we have to stop a bunch of other stuff just to get our layers of health right, cool.

  • If health is flourishing higher on the list, move down the list. If you're working on third-tier health, i.e. the health of our relationship with the world, you've really made it.

The bet here is that the cumulative effect is additive, not subtractive: that the health of all individuals blooms into the health of the whole.

Interestingly, this list is an exact inversion of our publishing priorities.

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