Rough edges

Fly is fantastic. Super happy to be on it.

These are the rough edges we've bumped up against, and (when applicable) how we handle it.

Fly Proxy

  • auto-stop doesn't seeeeeem to work properly when websockets are in the mix



  • restart

    • doesn't support --process-group

      • workaround (including backgrounding each Machine's individual restart command):

        • fly m list -a $APP | grep $PROCESS_GROUP | awk NF | awk '{ print "fly m restart " $1 " &;" }'

    • slow for restarting large numbers of Machines, and halts if any individual restart fails


  • status

    • no machine-readable output; we regex our way through it to get Machine status

      • nb: --display-config exists, but that's for something else

    • doesn't include healthchecks

      • fly checks list -a $app | grep $machine_id

  • stop, start

    • doesn't accept multiple Machine IDs; use & at the end of each command to run in parallel


  • count

    • it seems to grab a lease on all Machines at once, even when scoped by --process-group, which means fly scale count commands can't be run concurrently

      • no workaround


  • console

    • doesn't support Machine IDs

      • -s allows choice, but given 500 Machines it's a tossup for time-efficiency

      • connect to an individual Machine by grabbing its ipv6 address via fly m status, then call fly ssh console -a $APP -A $ADDRESS

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