Product: Playing the game

Our apps are products. The documentation is also a product.

Running a product is a game, and the game is about building the health of the product in response to incoming stimuli.

What else can be considered a "product", in the way that term is used here?

Imagine our products as members of Lightward themselves. Locksmith and Mechanic and their respective documentation – they all have the same priorities as you do. The only difference is, they're not autonomous. They need you to help them make good on those priorities.

That's the game. You're playing as the product, and your goal is just to be healthy, respecting the priorities of those three tiers of health.

How to play

  1. Load the game by seeking out all relevant context, everything that previous players have saved for you to use.

  2. Play the game like only you can. In this moment, you are the protagonist.

  3. Save your game, such that someone else can seamlessly pick it up and continue gameplay later from where you left off.

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