Publishing: Erring public

When you create information (maybe while playing the product game), put the results in as public a place as possible.

More-public is better than less-public, unless it's at the expense of health.

The more publicly-accessible a thing is, the greater the odds of someone else incorporating it into what they're building.

It's like open-source software: the more people building a healthy home for themselves using open-source code, the more the code itself can be evolved into something that is itself healthier and more capable.

Same deal here: as we share what we make as we work on our health, and as others incorporate it into what they make as they work on their health, the more stable and healthy the whole network becomes.

When evaluating where to publish, run through this list and aim for the first viable audience scope:

  1. Audience: The public internet

  2. Audience: The internal Lightward team

  3. Audience: Just you ❤️

    • Notes, Keep, 1Password (in a private vault), or whatever delights you

This is an exact inversion of our overall priorities list. That is not an accident. Public publishing benefits the world, our team, and you; internal publishing benefits our team and you; and if you don't publish it at all, no one but you benefits. (Not directly, anyway! Private information can improve your health, and that benefits everyone.)

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